Swimming Pools

There are many advantages to considering an inground swimming pool. Vinyl liner pools are typically the first category of swimming pools that truly allows you to customize your investment and is hands down the most popular within the Mid-Atlantic region. But it's not the only category! read more

Photo Gallery

Please take a moment to view our photo gallery which is always a work in progress. These swimming pools are local to the Tidewater area and were built for people just like yourself. Look closely at a timeline of a recent tear out & rebuild to see the exact quality Mid-Atlantic Pools represents. view

Pricing and Financing

What does a new in-ground swimming pool cost? With a free, no-obligation consultation, a designer from your local Mid-Atlantic office can give you an exact, written quote for a pool customized for your backyard.
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Pool Facts


Choosing the size and shape of your swimming pool is just the beginning when considering the construction of a custom inground pool. The materials that bring your project together as a complete package will most likely be what you spend the most time on when considering available options. Whether you are looking for the most affordable swimming pool or a pool that is aesthetically pleasing and practically takes care of itself, these brochures are listed here to help you begin the process.

Mid-Atlantic Pools is a nearly paperless corporation. We provided this page to help our clients and to help our company protect the enviroment. By accepting our electronic brochures you have helped us save nearly 2 pounds of paper. That may not seem like much, but in a single year we can collectively prevent more than 1,000 pounds of waste from finding its way into local landfills just by dealing with more companies like Mid-Atlantic Pools.